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Zoom training sessions

Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who have been attending the zoom sessions, its been lovely to be able to stay in contact with you all even though its different, its great to learn new things and new ways to stay in touch.

However for those who can't attend

I will be posting our weekly sessions so everyone can keep up to date with what we have been doing each week.

(Tuesday 16th Feb 21 workout)

Start with a good warm up just like we do at training

Aim to complete the exercises below

Start with 30 secs work and 30 secs rest increase work times and decrease rest times according to your fitness levels,

You will note I have alternated times below according to the level of those who attended todays session.

Exercise work time Rest time Equipment Teaching point

Side burpees 60 secs 60 secs Mat on floor Knees to each side

head still core tight

Front high leg kicks 30 secs 30 secs Mat on floor Kick to waist high

arms still legs straight

Tricep dips 60 secs 60 secs Chair or stairs Dip down to 90 %

hands facing forward

Running men 30 secs 30 secs Mat on floor Core tight head back

still alt knees to chest

Push ups 60 secs 60 secs Mat on floor 3/4 or full out shoulders

square lower to 90%

Start with one set of all the exercises

Increase this to two three or four sets of all the exercises, as and when you feel able to do so, only do this over time as each set becomes easier.

Remember to perform with correct technique and record your work in your training diaries.

Always stretch following exercise to avoid the risk of muscle soreness just like we do at training.


Floor routine

Practice your floor routines holding each skill for 3 seconds

Ask a fiend or family member to video you , so you can look back to check your technique


using a wall in a clear area practice your handstands with tummy up against the wall and legs together toes pointed and head in line and still. stay tight so not to loose good shape.

hold for 10 secs and repeat x 5 return down safely and slowly.


Practice your splits for 5 mins on each leg and also your box splits, make a line on the floor to help you stay straight.


With your chosen teammate from gym have a go at putting together a 30 second video of arm or foot pattern choreography , with your parents permission, then ask your parents to send it to me via WhatsApp for feedback.

Keep a record of your work , measure your progress along the way

Work hard see results enjoy xx

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