About Us

Phoenix High Flyers Trampoline & DMT Club

Phoenix High Flyers was founded in 2009 by the Head Coach Kandy Sissons, a former international gymnast and Aerobic gymnastics athlete, Previous owner of KLAS Health and Fitness Centre, it is true to say that Phoenix High Flyers Trampoline & DMT Club defiantly have the edge. The club have produced many young champions in a variety of disciplines regionally – nationally and internationally. Our team have the passion and dedication along with the desired commitment it takes to progress all who wish to be involved in the club. Among our team are many coaches who bring to the club a whole list of accolades, we work collaboratively to create excellence in all that we do, we are about quality not quantity which is paramount to our success.

All of our coaches, members and volunteers are required to adhere to and observe the following PHF mission & values, & safety procedures. Our guidelines are in line with those recommended by British Gymnastics:

PHF aims and objectives

As a club we aim to provide a safe, happy and structured environment for children and adults to learn, we offer Trampoline Gymnastics - Double Mini Trampoline, Gymnastics conditioning along with Aerobic dance conditioning. To achieve this we offer a structured philosophy, so each member and group of members can feel secure in our care and enjoy the sessions. In addition to improving Trampoline and Double Mini Trampoline skills we aim to embrace other areas of our member’s development including social skills, creativity and imagination, co-ordination, flexibility, agility, endurance, speed, strength, balance and emotional independence.

Our Values

The coach owes a duty of care to the members in the group. There are inherent risks associated with the sport of Trampoline and Double Mini Trampoline however these are minimized by attending relevant courses and gaining qualifications, good supervision of the group, good health and safety.