• Kandy Sissons

Wednesday Wicked Worksheet

Learn about your world

By answering the following questions

1. List the ten largest countries in the world

2. write down the country with the word hello next to it in their native language

3. Research and note down what each of the ten countries are best known for

4. Which of the ten countries have the largest population

5. Research and note down the distance from London to each country on a plane

6. Name one famous sportsperson from each of the ten countries and what sport

7. Name the most famous Trampoline athlete male or female in each of the ten countries

8. Name each countries most visited tourist attraction

9. Draw the flag that represents each of the ten countries

10. Learn how to count to ten in each of the ten listed countries native language

Hope you enjoy working through this sheet, it will keep you all very busy



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