• Kandy Sissons


Here is your Tuesday challenge

Write down on a piece of paper the following 10 exercises

1. Jog on the spot for 60 seconds or skip if you have a rope

2. 10 Burpee s

3. High knee lifts for 30 seconds

4. 10 push ups

5. Hop on one foot 30 seconds change to the other foot 30 seconds

6. Jumping jacks for 30 seconds

7. Sit on garden chair legs out straight knees to chest x 10

8. Squat thrusts - front support bring knees in to chest and back out to front support x 10

9. Star jumps x 10

10. Squat jumps - squat down touch the floor and jump back up x 10

Cut the piece of paper into strips and fold each exercise up put into a cup and mix them up.

ask someone who is not taking part to hide around the garden, set your family members a timed challenge with a prize for the winner.

Remember No cheating now !!!!!



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