• Kandy Sissons

Friday zoom training with Kandy


Hi All,

So here is the workout for today , thanks to all those who attended , thank you for warming up previously to attending, this gave us more time to complete todays training.

Exercise Sets Reps Teaching points

Squats 3 10 Feet flat hip width apart

arms out back straight

lower to 90% & return up

Walk out plank/animal squat 3 5 from plank squat back

bottom to heels & return to

plank position x 5 , walk

back up to stand position.

One leg squats front & back 3 5 each leg Balance on one leg lift other

leg up in front perform one

squat, swing leg to the

back keeping a straight line

perform two squats touch

the floor with hands. Swing

back to front and repeat.

Try to keep your balance


Chair lower core crunches 3 20 Sit on your chair & lean

back legs out straight,

bring your knees to chest

& back out straight. Hold

chair firm keep back

straight and feet together.

Towel shoulder flexes 3 10 Holding a rolled up towel

above your head, with

arms straight up inline

with ears, take arms

back & return to line.

Head still back straight.

Repeat all of the above three times if you can.

Remember to stretch after your workout, lets think about what we have worked and relate this to our gymnastics.

Here are some great ways to stretch out

Exercise Muscles Sets Reps Teaching points

Bridge/Crab shoulders 5 x 1 min 5 Lay on your back

chest knees bent elbows by

Stomach ears fingers facing heels

Hip flexors raise up into arched

position, aim to keep

feet together legs straight

Splits RL/LL Quads 5 x 1 min 5 Start on a straight line,

Hamstrings as you slide into your

Hip flexors position keep hips square

body upright.

Box splits Adductors (inner legs) 5 x 1 min 5 Start on your knees

extend legs out as far

comfortable one leg at a

time, be sure to use a

comfortable mat.

Have a go at finding the correct technical names for all the muscles you have been working , as I have deliberately left some out

Good luck happy training

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