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Well done to Talia running 26.2 miles

Talia raises £210.00 for the woodlands centre to help her teachers poorly father

When I heard the news about my teachers (Miss Millars') Dad being poorly I really wanted to do something to help make him better because on the 7th of May 2020 my Grandad Steven passed away suddenly and I knew how upset my Mum was feeling and didn't want this to happen to anyone else. I tried to think of some good ideas of how I could help raise money for the Woodlands Neurological Rehabilitation Centre where Miss Millars' Dad was being looked after and decided the best way to raise as much money as I could was to run a marathon! The challenge I set myself was to run 26.2 miles in 2 weeks. This meant I had to run at least 2 miles a day in order to achieve this goal. I started by asking my relatives if they would sponsor me and explained what I was doing and why. My family all agreed to sponsor me and were all touched by what I was doing after what happened to Grandad Steven and all really supported me. I set up a WhatsApp group for everyone so I could post photos and videos as proof of what I had run a daily basis. I found it tricky at first because I still had my schoolwork to do and bi-weekly training sessions with my trampolining club on zoom and I also had my chores to do at home. After a couple of days I got used to it and in the second week I didn't have school so had more time to run. My family on the WhatsApp group were very supportive and gave me lots of encouragement which kept me going. I also by this time had gained a couple of new sponsors so the total raised kept on rising which motivated me even more. It made me feel really happy that I managed to raise £210 for the Woodlands Centre as this will hopefully help make Miss Millars' Dad better. The day after I completed the marathon Mum & I drove to school to drop the money off and I felt really good about what I had done."

Everyone at Phoenix high flyers, family and friends are so proud of you xxx

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